Technical formatting

Paper size: A4 (21x29,7)

Margins: Top 4 cm, bottom 4,3 cm, left 4,5 cm, right 3cm , gutter 0cm

Layout: Header 2 cm, footer 3 com

Font: Arial Narrow, size 11

Spacing: Line spacing-single line; Before: 0, After: 0

Text alignment: Justify

Indentation: Left 0, right 0

Footnotes: Should avoid - if used should be numbered consecutively Arabic numerals

Type of document: Microsoft Word Document (2001-2017)


Manuscript structure

Title: Max 15 words (concise and informative)

Information about authors: a) Name and surname, b) affiliation, c) address, d) e-mail, e) telephone number

Abstract: 100-150 word

Key words: 3-6 keywords

JEL classification: Authors should use 2-3 descriptors to classify field of the manuscripts (

Introduction: Should constists a) objective of the manuscript, b) scope of the research, c) presentation of hypothesis and/or research goal d) presentation of manuscript layout

Literature overview: Theoretical framework – review of previous research

Methodology: Appropriate, valid and relevant to the topic

Results and discussion: The results section should include summary of collected and appropriately analyzed data. Results should be described, if possible authors should include descriptive or inferential statistics and/or test of significance.

In discussion authors should evaluate and interpret findings. If possible discussion part should start with support or nonsupport hypotheses.

Conclusion: Should indicate results and the scientific contribution of manuscript. Should carry discussion and limitations of the research and/or findings and provide a link for future research.

References: APA style (sixth edition)


Manuscript formatting

Length: 5000-8000 words (without references)

Headings: Numbered consecutively Arabic numerals

Tables, figures, graphs and illustrations: Should have title, numbered consecutively Arabic numeral, black-and-white only. Note: Tables and graphs cannot be in form of photographs

Equations: prepared in Word using Equation editor or in MathType format, numbered consecutively Arabic numeral

References: numbered consecutively Arabic numeral


Manuscript submission

Authors should prepare two files: a) the cover page file, b) the manuscript file and send it to the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Submission is completed upon receipt of a confirmation e-mail.

Example: a) The Cover Page and b) The Manuscript 


Submission Preparation Checklist

If manuscript that are not prepared according to  the Author guidelines it will be returned to Author and it will not go further in the proceudure.

Additionally, manuscripts should be in the line with the Publication Ethics and Publication Malpractice criteria or otherwise will be rejected.

Only manuscripts written only in English (either British English or American English spelling may be used, but should be followed consistently throughout the article) will be considered for publication. Please carefully check the grammar and spelling before sending the manuscript.

All figures and tables should be placed within the text at the appropriate points, rather than at the end.

Please upload only Microsoft Word .doc or .docx files.

Where available, URLs for the references and DOIs should be provided.

Author should upload two files:

1.  The Manuscript (will not contain any information about the Author/Authors), using the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author guidelines. Please follow the instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review in order to insure the manuscript does not contain any personal information. 

2. The cover page: will contain complete information about the Author/Authors (institutional affiliation, contact, etc.).

 All information regarding Ahuthor Guidelines Author may find on this page and in the example of the Manuscript.

Ensuring Blind Review

To ensure the integrity of the blind peer-review submissions to Journal of Business Paradigms, please follow the following steps, in order to remove author’s identification from the properties for the uploaded file:

1. For Microsoft 2003 and previous versions, and Macintosh versions of Word:

Under the File menu select: Save As > Tools (or Options with a Mac) > Security > Remove personal information from file properties on save > Save.


2. For Macintosh Word 2008 (and newer versions):

Under the File menu select "Properties."

Under the Summary tab remove all of the identifying information from all of the fields.

Save the File.


3. For Word 2010 (and newer versions)

Under the File menu (Info)

Click on the "Check for issues" icon;

Click on "inspect document" icon;

Uncheck all of the checkboxes except "Document Properties and Personal information";

Run the document inspector, which will then do a search of the document properties and indicated if any document property fields contain any information;

If the document inspector finds that some of the document properties contain information it will notify you and give you the option to "Remove all," which you will click to remove the document properties and personal information from the document.

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