Submitted manuscripts will be pre-screened by the Editor in Chief. If manuscript scope, quality and technical characteristics prove suitable for publication in the Journal of Business Paradigms, the Editor in Chief will send manuscript for at least to two independent referees for double blind peer review process.

An editorial decision will be made within maximum of 15 weeks from the day of receipt for the peer review process. Editorial decisions have three degrees – accept, accept with minor changes, rejects. Manuscripts with major revisions will be rejected.

The peer review process is conducted through following steps:

  1. Author submits a manuscript to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Manuscript should be prepared by the Author guidelines.
  2. Editor in Chief decides if manuscript is suitable for publication in the Journal. The Editor in Chief pre-screens article and if sent manuscript have poor quality writing, poor research design, poor methodology, originality or if manuscript do not meet technical requirements the manuscript will be immediately desk-rejected.
  3. Editor selects two independent Reviewers and send them an invitation for a for double blind peer review process
  4. After receiving positive response from Reviewers Editor sends them manuscript without any Author private data. In case that Reviewer rejects invitation Editor sends a new invitation to the other Reviewer.
  5. The Reviewer review manuscript and send report to the Editor who forwards the report to the Author. If reports are significantly different the Editor invite third independent Reviewer for the final decision.

    a. The review report may be – Accepted for publication.

    b. The review report may be – Accepted for publication with minor changes.

           * Reviewer may demand that after revision manuscript is sent again for the review.

           * Reviewer may demand that after revision manuscript may be published without sending it to again to a Reviewer.

    c. The review report may be – Rejected.

    d. The review report may be – Manuscripts with major revisions-Rejected.

  6. Editor is sending reports to the Author
  7. Editor may sent correction to the Reviewer (if demanded). It must be highlighted that Reviewer may demand additional revisions (again repeating steps 5-7).
  8. If accepted manuscript is sent for publication.

Peer Reviewer Process JBP

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